Measuring Guide

How Porterhouse measures jeans. 

We strive to help the modern man look good and have a versatile wardrobe. But we recognize that every man is shaped differently. Therefore, we have designed this guide to help you obtain accurate measurements around the certain key spots that determine overall fit. It is important to know your measurements and know what style of denim fits you best. So grab your favorite pair of jeans and use this guide to find your measurements. Now you will have a great starting point as to how a certain pair will fit you without even trying them on! 



Step 1: Lay the jeans flat and pull taught on the measuring tape. 

Step 2: From the center of the crotch stitch measure along the length of the inseam to the bottom of the opening. 



Step 1: Button up your jeans, lay flat, and stretch out the waist. 

Step 2: Pull tight on the tape and measure from one edge of the waistband to the other 

Step 3: Double the measurement that you get.



Step 1: Find the centermost point of the crotch stitch.

Step 2: Measure straight across to the edge of the pant.



Step 1: Pull taught on the front waistband and the measuring tape

Step 2: Measure from centermost point of crotch to top of waistband



Step 1: From crotch stitch measure down the inseam 12 inches. 

Step 2: From that point, measure straight across to the edge of the pant.


Leg Opening

Step 1: Measure from one edge of leg opening to the other.