• Gitman SS23

    Heat up your warm weather wardrobe with some bold patterns from Gitman.

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  • Summer Shades

    The strongest lineup of Randolph sunglasses we've ever had. Available now. Just in time as the sun finally begins to poke through the clouds.

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  • New Grooming Products

    Based in one of New York's most vibrant boroughs, Brooklyn Grooming produces an incredible array of premium organic and sustainable grooming products. We are excited to welcome them to the shop.

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Words of Wisdom...

Just had the greatest clothing purchase experience of my life. The sales associate was very knowledgeable and friendly. He was patient and helpful throughout the entire process. To any man wanting to experience what true customer service is all about, and complete their wardrobe, head to Porterhouse. You WON'T be disappointed.

- James, a smart fella

Classic, durable and versatile menswear

The modern man needs to dress to meet whatever the day might throw at him. From putting in the hours at the office or in the field, to a weekend excursion in the great outdoors, to drinks at the bar Friday night. If your clothes can get you to all three in style, you're ready for anything.

Porterhouse Clothing was founded for those men. With durable brands that wear in, not out, we're here to help guys look sharp doing everything.

The Porterhouse Philosophy

The selection of brands available at Porterhouse Clothing & Supply is decidedly different than what you'll find at big box and mall menswear stores. Here's what we look for in the lines we carry.

  • Natural & Responsible Materials

    There's more to clothing than cotton. Mankind has been making clothes from a variety of natural materials for millenia. Linen, hemp, wool and more all find a home in our shop, used intentionally in garments suited for a variety of applications.

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  • Made in the USA

    The road from seed to shirt is long, and it's a tall task for anyone to understand the entire supply chain. But we do our best, and work with brands who are transparent about their products. When we can't keep our dollars at home, we still strive to know where items come from.

    The Made in the USA Clothing Renaissance 
  • Buy Nice, Not Twice

    Americans buy more clothes than any other nation. It costs a bit more to shop the way we do, but by focusing on durable and versatile clothing in classic styles, our goal is for you to buy fewer things, like them better, and wear them more often.

    Your Clothing's Footprint 

Denim Built to Last

Like pre-1950s Levi's, the denim brands carried at Porterhouse are built to wear in, not out. Sewn on traditional shuttle looms, selvedge denim will put up with more and look better doing it. And because our brands are shipping raw, un-washed, un-distressed denim, no one gets to wear in your jeans before you do.

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Earn Rewards

You might notice there wasn't a popup offering you 15% off your first order. Instead, we like to reward our long-time customers. Earn $10 back in store credit for every $200 you spend with us, online and in-store. Redeem anywhere, anytime.

Get a head start by clicking that little present in the bottom-left corner.

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