Announcing Porterhouse Clothing & Supply

Announcing Porterhouse Clothing & Supply

Clothes hanging on hooksAs much as we admire the Don Drapers of the world, business dress is changing. Business casual, featuring anything with a collar and a versatile pair of chinos or dark-wash denim, is becoming more commonplace. This is especially true in a town like Eugene - one that's been historically casual and has a growing tech and startup scene, industries where a suit is out-of-place.

These same outfits are perfect for any kind of night out. A party with friends, a dinner date at Novo, or hopping around the Whit are all opportunities where a little style goes a long way.

But Eugene is a wasteland for quality clothing that fits the bill. Fast-fashion department stores, like H&M and Macy's, and discount outlets, like J Crew Factory and Nordstrom Rack, are an opportunity to buy several pieces and watch helplessly as a portion of them quickly fall out of style or fall apart. You'll never bother returning anything - it was too cheap to be worth the effort. And pulling items off a crowded rack, all by yourself, is a great way to find pieces you're wishy-washy about and ultimately only wear a couple times.

Enter Porterhouse - a men's clothing store for men who want to love their wardrobe. We curate products from a variety of brands and ensure that men have everything they need to look and feel their best for work and play. We consider several criteria when selecting brands and pieces:

  • Will it hold up over time, or fall apart?
  • What is it made of?
  • What is its impact on the environment?
  • How long will it be in style?
  • Is it worth repairing?

And then, when you come in to shop, we help you find what's perfect for you. That means clothes that fit your style, fit you properly and that ultimately, you love, because those are the clothes you'll hold onto and wear again and again.

At Porterhouse, you'll find brands like Naked & Famous, Gitman Vintage, Taylor Stitch, Freenote Cloth, Ginew, Unbranded, Pistol Lake and more. Each brand shares unique parts of our mission, and collectively craft a wardrobe for timeless, durable, and versatile men.

If you've never shopped in a true boutique men's clothing store, we're going to blow you away.

Mid-COVID-19, things are a bit strange for a clothing shop to open, but we've got private in-person try-ons available and a brick-and-mortar shop opening soon here in Eugene/Springfield. Shop online or schedule your shopping appointment via Facebook. Follow Porterhouse Clothing on Facebook and Instagram for product updates, sales, brick-and-mortar updates and more.

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