Wool Care Guide by Howlin'

This guide is provided by Howlin'. 

We want you to enjoy your woollen garments as long as possible and that is why we have made a guide that carefully explains the steps how to properly wash your woollen garments and how to keep them clean.

First off let’s start by telling you that washing wool is not limited to one technique, there are numerous methods and we are here to share them with you.

One of the most important things to know about washing woollen garments is knowing if they need to be washed. The structure of wool differs a lot from other fibers. A big difference is that wool tends to clean itself, that is why spot cleaning and airing your garment could go a long way as well.

For hand washing fill up your sink with lukewarm water and add 2 tablespoons of Woolmark-approved detergent (always make sure that your detergent does not contain bleach). Mildly wash your garment for about 10 minutes and be careful not to wring, scrunch or stretch while washing. After 10 minutes rinse thoroughly in lukewarm water (without detergent) and make sure all the soap has been washed off. After this the water that is left in the garment should be gently squished out – IMPORTANT- do not wring, scrunch or stretch.

When this is done lay the garment on a large towel and gently roll the towel and garment together to remove moisture. Another method that we personally prefer is to put the garment in a mesh bag and let it spin in your washing machine (without water, obviously) for 10 minutes. After the moisture is removed lay the garment out on a dry towel and let it dry. Make sure that you put it back into its original shape and try to remove as many creases as possible.

Note: we recommend flat drying as opposed to line drying. Line drying could cause the garment to stretch out and eventually lose shape.

This is a great method to get your garments cleaned, the only advice we can give you is to make sure you go to a renowned professional to ensure a good result.

When dealing with stains the best way to beat it is to be quick. Before getting into the methods on how to remove stains, there are two important things you should know.

It is important to know to never apply any type of heat to the stain because this could cause the stain to fix into the fabric and it becomes harder to remove. Also when applying the proper stain remover do not use a rubbing motion because this could cause colour change. Instead of rubbing, it is better to gently dab.

Now lets get into the proper stain removers. Eucalyptus oil, mineral turpentine, dry- cleaning fluid or methylated spirits are all well suited to remove stains. They all serve a different purpose and we urge you to inform Google before using one of them at random.

When applying the stain remover do this in small amounts at a time, do this by dapping the stain with an absorbent piece of cloth. Depending on the ingrained depth of the stain you should use the stain remover several times. After applying the stain remover clean the spot with a bit of cold water. Finally let the garment dry on its own.