Porterhouse's 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Porterhouse's 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

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This holiday, find the perfect gift for the guys on your list at Porterhouse Clothing & Supply. From stocking stuffers to gifts that may last a lifetime, we've got you covered.

For the guys who happen upon this guide, you'll be happy to know that our website features a wish list that you can send to anyone who might be tasked with buying for you this year. So go ahead and browse, add to your wish list, and send a not so subtle hint to anyone who might need one.

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$25 and Under

Stocking stuffers, white elephant gifts, and presents for people you feel obligated to buy for. These gifts punch above their weight.

Daneson Flavored Toothpicks

Daneson’s flavored toothpicks are an excellent stocking stuffer. 12 toothpicks come in a vial with a cork topper. Premium packaging and a premium product ensure whoever you're buying for will feel like a million bucks after every meal. Flavors include single-malt scotch, bourbon, mint, and cinnamint.

Darn Tough Socks

Every year, grocery store aisles are lined with cheap, novelty seasonal socks for people to give as gifts. I suspect most of these make it one Christmas before ending up in the garbage or lost. Rise above the sock cliche this year with Darn Tough socks. Made with merino wool, sewn in Vermont since 1978, and backed by a lifetime warranty.

Field Notes

For the old-fashioned note-taker or budding designer in your life. Field Notes are inspired by the promotional memo books distributed to American farmers over the last hundred years by seed, tractor, and other agricultural companies. Today, Field Notes are both functional and, for the design-conscious, collectible. In addition to their classic memo books, you can find day planners, steno pads, and large-format notebooks in our shop. There’s even a waterproof edition.

$25 - $60

Watch Caps

Perhaps the most iconic garment in a long line of civilian-wear inspired by the armed forces. Watch caps will probably always be in style here in the northwest. We carry caps in a variety of colors from Seattle-based Filson and Portland-based Dehen 1920. Both are 100% wool. Cozy.

Throwback Ball Caps

For the Duck or Beaver fan in your life. 100% wool caps aren’t as common as they used to be, so they turn heads when you walk down the street. We have a couple of designs from Portland-based Dehen 1920 unofficially repping your favorite Oregon university.


For the modern man, a tie is a statement piece he wears because he loves it, not because he has to. If you know a guy who sports a fashionable bow tie or regular necktie from time to time, feed his collection with something from Pocket Square Clothing. The assortment in our case include cotton, wool, and linen options in both straight black and fun patterns.

Safety Razor

For the clean-cut guy in your life. Safety razors are an eco-friendly and, over the long term, more affordable alternative to disposable razors, so upgrade your man to a Rockwell safety razor. We’re happy to educate you on the various options available. Pairs well with shaving cream and aftershave for the full experience.

$60 - $150


All of our henleys fall into this price point, but we’re absolutely in love with the 13oz cotton henleys from Freenote. Cut and sewn in California, these henleys are great as a base if you’re the layering type, but do just as well on their own. Available in blue, black, white and rust.

French Terry Loungewear

For the guy in your life taking full advantage of their new “work from home” situation. Some of us still need to dress like we’re headed to the office, but other guys are killing it in sweats all day. Feed their new lifestyle this holiday with 100% French Terry loungewear from Pistol Lake. Hoodies and joggers that are super comfy and will wear in, not out, over time. Also perfect for getting to and from the gym!

Raw Denim

Distressed pants are apparently back in style. Suffice to say, we aren’t on board. For the practical guy in your life that wants a pair of hard-wearing jeans for any application, it’s time to dive into the world of raw denim. Unbranded’s 14.5oz raw denim is undistressed and unwashed, ready for the wearer to break in on their own.

Here at Porterhouse you’re not just buying a waist size, but also a specific fit, which can make pants tough to size as a gift. Fortunately, we’re more than happy to swap out sizes through January 15th for anything you gift this year.

Brushed Shirting

Fall and winter means we’ve got plenty of brushed shirting on the shelves. Thick and soft button-ups from Taylor Stitch and Naked & Famous in both flannel and cotton are favorites with our shoppers. One of these will go over well with any guy on your list.

Leather Wallets

If you happen to know a gentleman with a tri-fold velcro wallet, it is, in fact, your duty to gift them something to replace it this year. No need to announce themselves every time they open their wallet.

Gift them an upgrade from our selection of leather wallets from Fontenelle Supply Company. Based in Des Moines, Iowa, Fontenelle crafts their wallets from Hermann Oak, a tannery in St. Louis, Missouri. We carry their card, bifold, money clip, passport, and notebook wallets, the last of which pairs perfectly with a pack of Field Notes (see above).


A leather belt is about as easy a gift as it comes. Stylish, durable, and with plenty of holes, if you don’t get the exact right size, close enough will be fine. Our belts also come from Fontenelle, made from that same Hermann Oak leather. Size down for the guy looking to shed a little COVID weight.

$150 - $300

At this price point, you’ll find higher quality shirting with selvedge construction, unique patterns and details, and most definitely made in America.

Freenote Plaid

The Benson Blue from Freenote Cloth is cozy, attractive, and works in any work or play setting in the Pacific Northwest. Cut and sewn in San Juan Capistrano, California from 100% cotton.

Freenote Western Wear

Some of Freenote’s most iconic garments are their western wear, specifically their Calico shirt. Featuring sawtooth pockets, pearl snap buttons, and a striking wabash pattern in both blue and black. If the guys in your life can’t wait to get back to two-steppin’ at the Cooler, these are a slam dunk gift this Christmas.

Gitman Vintage Shirting

Gitman has been making shirts since 1978 in Ashland, Pennsylvania. Their Vintage label is known for fun seasonal patterns, but also a collection of solid oxford staples. Corduroy, linen, oxfords and more are all in stock.


At the $300 and up price point, these gifts might actually outlast the person you’re buying for.

Waxed Canvas Outerwear

Did you know that Eugene actually gets more rain each year than Seattle? They just get the reputation because they’re bigger.

That weather makes waxed canvas an excellent choice for outerwear. Thick, canvas cotton with a thin layer of wax so the elements roll right off.

We’ve got a couple waxed canvas options for the outdoorsman on your list. To just keep the rain off, gift your man an overshirt from Dehen 1920, or to add a little warmth, we’ve still got a few lined waxed canvas jackets from Freenote Cloth.

Mackinaw Jackets

Filson likes to talk about their 100% wool Mackinaw jackets as a rite of passage for young Pacific Northwesterners, and we’ve heard the same story from many of our customers. A Mackinaw jacket will brave any condition the PNW throws at it for many many years. This jacket will probably only get regifted if it outlasts its original owner.


Filson bags are still made up the road in Seattle, Washington. Canvas construction and leather straps. Most guys these days are working from laptops, and for a lot of guys this holiday, a Filson bag will be a nice upgrade for toting one around.


A pair of leather boots will always be in fashion, and a pair of properly-constructed boots can be repaired and re-soled over the years. Here at Porterhouse, we’re proud to be Eugene’s only retailer of locally-made Truman Boots. Be sure to drop in early while sizes last - we’re unlikely to restock on these before the holiday.

Gift Cards!

And of course, we've got gift cards available here at Porterhouse, good both in store and online, and available at any price point.

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