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Naasgó Forward Movement Bandana

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A design collaboration between Ginew and Navajo-descent Portland, OR artist Corey Begay. Available in four colorways.

  • 100% cotton bandana
  • Water-based discharge printing
  • Made in the USA
  • Collaboration with Diné artist Corey Begay
  • Portion of each sale goes directly to artist

Begay says of the design:

"There isn't a direct translation of the word Naasgó in English. In Navajo, the primary meaning is 'the action of moving forward' and it can also be used to describe persevering, taking steps, and sentiments like these. Below the Bear is the Land and above the bear is the Cloud, which can be seen in the day, and the Star, which can be seen in the night. Though the bear is usually a night-walker animal, the presence of the cloud here means that this bear is a lighter day-traveler.

"The glasses signify modern culture, any living thing's character/personality. I like to use the glasses in my artwork as a somewhat of signature for myself because I wear glasses and that glasses allows one to look through a lens or frame for a better vision."

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